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Community Classes

We do on occasion offer classes to the community at large.   We encourage you to pursue them if you have free time, and your workload is not to heavy.


All community classes that are offered will be listed as well as their venue.  Feel free to contact us for more information.

Current Classes :

There are no current public classes, check back for updates

Previous Classes that will be offered again in the future:

Advanced Working

Experimental Magick 

Familiarcraft: Servitors, Egregores and Golems

Spirit Possession & Oracular Work

Heeding the Call of the Gods:  Introduction to Priesthood


Additional Topics

The Wild Blackthorn Tradition

Practical Witchery Series: Herbalism

  •  Alchemical Herbalism for Magick & Ritual I & II

  • Powder & Incense Creation for Magick & Ritual

  • Creating Oils and Balth Salts for Magick & Ritual

  • Tinctures, Philters and Fluid Condensers for Magick & Ritual

Practical Witchery Series: Protection Magick

  • Basic Protection Work and Shielding I & II

  • Psychic Cleansing 

  • Advanced Protection Work I & II

  • Understanding Exorcism



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