The Wild Blackthorn,

Grove & Coven


Established in 2013 by High Priestess  Lady Nyt.  The Wild Blackthorn Grove

is currently open to Seekers.  Classes are every week,  with Sabbats open to the Grove,  friends, and families.  Lunar observances are open only to Seekers and above at this time.


Please contact Lady Nyt for more information. 

The Blackthorn is a wintery tree. The fruits, known as sloes, ripen and sweeten only after the first frosts. The white flowers open early, often before the leaves appear. A cold spring was traditionally known as "a blackthorn winter." Black-barked and with vicious thorns, the Blackthorn forms dense thickets when given the opportunity to spread. The Gaelic word "straif" has links with the English "strife."  The wood of the Blackthorn is that traditionally used for the Irish cudgel, or shillelagh; the thorns, those used in witchcraft to pierce wax images.  - Celtic Tree Oracle by  Liz and colin Murray