Lady Ivy, 

High Priestess of The Winding Willow


Ivy grew up in the midwest and was raised, Methodist Christian. After moving around through the upper midwest states of Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio, Ivy moved to Orlando with her parents, leaving her family’s religion and following her own path at age 17. She got a place of her own where she was able to practice her own religious leanings. She began her path in 2008 as an Eclectic Pagan under the tutelage of The Firefly House, a Wiccan church and clergy program based in Washington D.C which had online courses, and joined several public groups and Covens within the Orlando Pagan Community in the Winter of 2010. Since then, she has taught Wicca and Witchcraft online, at large festival gatherings across Florida, and in the Orlando area.


She holds degrees in Firefly Wicca, has studied Corellian and Gardnerian Traditions and has been with The Wild Blackthorn Orlando Coven since it’s formation in 2013. She also reads intuitive tarot, holds her level 2 Reiki Attunement, and is an Ordained Non-denominational Reverend. Since Mid 2017, Ivy has been focusing on her personal path which is Celtic focused on a sprinkling of Hellenic Paganism.


In addition to her Religious practice, Ivy is studying for her degree in Education from a local University and residing on the Eastern Coast of Florida with her non-pagan partner, her cat Nova and dog Cana.


She is passionate about creating strong foundations for students to flourish from and develop their own personal practices.


You can learn more about Ivy from her blog