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Crafting Great Ritual I & II


Have you ever attended a pubic sabbat or esbat and wondered what was going on, or why did these people do this?  Or have you been crafting your own rituals for years and are looking to add some zest and inspriation to what you already do?  Our Ritual Craft Series may be what you are looking for.  Our class series will begin with the very basics and then show you how to craft meaningful rituals for your life and your community!


We will cver topics incuding:


  • Ritual.... what is it and why do we do it?

  • Circle Etiquette and how to meaningfully participate in group rituals

  • Aspects of ritual including correspondences, timing, enviornment, attitude, music, meditation, altars, tools, costumes and saftey

  • Rites of Passage, Esbats, Sabbats and Rituals for personal Evolvment.

  • Aunt Clara's and Kitchen Sink rituals, good intentions gone horribly wong.

  • Crafting Solitary Rituals

  • Planning, crafting and performing group rituals

  • KISS Principal


You are encouraged to attend all of the classes to obtain maximum benefit.  Homework will be assigned for your growth, there will also be some hands on work during class.

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