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Magick of the Sabbats

Join us for a great new educational series on the eight Sabbats of the Wheel of the Year. Each class will include:


• Introduction to the Sabbat

• Sabbat's history and mythology

• Basic correspondences

• Deities

• Rites of celebration, through multiple pagan paths

• Traditions old and new

• Crafts, recipes, projects


Sabbats are far more than simply an observed holy day on the pagan calendar. Learn the mysteries of each Sabbat, how nature revealed its truth and beauty, and our ancestors exalted the gods in celebration! Today we can bring these traditions and mysteries into our own work, bringing us in tune with the seasonal changes of the Earth, as well as understanding the differences from region to region.



All Magick of the Sabbat classes will occur well before the actual Sabbats, to give you an opportunity to take what knowledge is shared to inspire your own celebrations.

Most classes will include either some project or ritual theme! 


Upcoming Magick of the Sabbats Classes are:


Beltane       TBD

Litha           TBD

Lammas     TBD

Mabon        TBD

Samhain    TBD

Yule            TBD




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