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Familiarcraft; Servitors, Egregores & Golems

Magickal entities have long been used by practicing occultists for thousands of years.  They are astral servants, assisting us to protect, to fulfill our ambitions & grow as mages and witches.


Join us for this rare opportunity to take a look inside the world of magickal entities. 


We will discuss:

• Uses of magickal entities 

• Servitors, egregores, golems, familars: what they are, the differences between them, how they are each  best utilized.

• Important precautions

• Understanding your need

• Planning and creating your magickal entity 

• Housing and feeding your entity 

• Abilities and lifespans

• Programming intent, giving life and contacting 

• Group created egregores 

This is a two part class.  Part I will take us through planning and creation of your entity.  We will work together to plan the creation of a basic servitor.  In part II, we will go over the work you have done on your servitor over the last month to prepare you for creation. 


Magickal entity creation is a rare topic, almost never publicly taught.  It is very advanced work and the Practical Witchery: Protection Series is required, or express permission of the instructor. 


I highly suggest the book : Creating Magickal Entities

or available free online via pdf: Creating Magickal Entities

Although we will use this book in class, much of the information I teach on this topic comes from various sources, including Ceremonial & Chaos Magick.  This book is an excellent starting point down the road of magickal entity work. 

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