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The Fundamentals of Witchcraft

13 week course


The Fundamentals of Witchcraft is a study group based course of education, introspection, meditation and development of your magickal and psychic abilities.  Learn to feel and understand your own personal power.


As a year and a day course we will explore:

  • Ancient and modern magickal philsophy

  • Modern scientific theory supporting a new definition of reality

  • Techniques for protection and healing for body, mind and spirit

  • Energy work and chakras

  • Astral travel, dream work and spirit guides


Classes meet every two week for a year and a day, with an online discussion group available.  Thereis no charge for the class, however a textbook  ( or access to the textbook) is required.  Homework will be asssigned to promote your growth and knowledge base.


Seats are limited so please respond at least 1 week prior to ensure your spot.


Just a note:  This class is on the basics of Witchcraft , and while we utilize a text, this is not an introductory course to the Temple of Witchcraft Tradition. (Penzack's book)  If you are lookin for such a course, we are happy to point you in that direction!

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