The Spiral Ash, Grove & Coven


Established in 2018,  and lead by High Priestess Esme,  The Spiral Ash Grove is currently open to Seekers.  Classes are on a weekly basis,  with Sabbats open to the Grove,  friends, and families.  Lunar observances are open only to Seekers and above at this time.


Please contact Lady Esme for more information. 

The Ash Tree was said to be  three of the Five Mythological Guardian Tree's of Ireland. One of which  was planted upon the hill of Uisneach in the heart of the High King’s territory (it was thought to be the center point of Ireland).  Much like the Yggdrasil, it was considered to be a type of a Sacred World Tree.  The Yggdrasil is also an Ash Tree.    The Ash or Nion as it is referred to in the Ogham, has strong associations to magick, enchantment and healing as well as to war.