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Spirit Possession and Oracular Work I & II


From ecstatic rides of the Lwa & Orisha's of the Afro Caribbean Religions, the Spirit Possessions of Shamans for healing and advisement to the neo-pagan Drawing Down of the Moon and Sun, Spirit Possession is an integral sacred tradition among the world regions. Sacred Possession rites and rituals has long been offered only through initiatory religions and traditions because of the training that is required. It is not for the unskilled.


In part I of this workshop we will delve into some of the historic forms of Ritual Possession as well as understanding the inherent dangers as well as benefits of Spirit Possession.


In part II of this workshop will present the training needed to prepare for ritual possession; Aspecting. Assumption of the Godform and Oracular work as well as how to abort possessions and create a safe environment for those present. 


It is advised that you bring a notebook or  recording device to class.

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