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The Grove


Seekers, Dedicants and the  Community


Coming to the Wild Blackthorn begins with the Seeker's class that is conducted  either on a one to one basis with a member of the Wild Blackthorn.  It can also be conducted as a small class of a few Seekers by our Priests or Priestess.  The Seekers meet with the assigned teacher or in the class once a week for six to eight weeks.  Seekers are  expected to attend the full and new moons, and the eight festivals of the Wheel of the Year while they are studying.  Students are also expected to attend bi-monthly seminars at the Covenstead, as they are available.



The rite of Dedication is offered to those students who wish to continue with the teachings of the Jolean Tradition.  After Dedication the student is given the traditional questions, the answers to which open the door to Initiation and the Mysteries, as well as the requirements for Initiation.


Dedicates may petition their teacher or High Priestess for further training.  There are two paths to follow after Dedication. Both bring the person into a better understanding of self and a closer union with the God/dess.  Should a Dedicate decide to follow the path to Initiation the training is more demanding and more time consuming.   Participation and planning of certain rituals is expected of all dedicates no matter what their religious goals.  The Paganae are important members of the community at large.


Initiation is offered as the student moves towards completing the requirements.

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