(Tradition Founder & Leader of The Spiral Ash; Danbury, CT)

High Priestess:  Nyt


Nyt is a practicing witch of more than twenty years.  She is degreed in the Jolian Tradtion (Celtic Eclectic/1734/ Gardnarian) and Draconian (Welsh Celtic/ Wysardan).  She is founder and High Priestess of The Wild Blackthorn.   She also has studied  Ceremonial Magick, Asatru,  Lukemi and majored in classical education studies of Humanities & Philosophy with a minor in Mythology.


Nyt is very passionate about growth of your own individual path and attuning with nature and the Divine through sacred ritual.   She is an accomplished ritualist writing, leading and participating in more than one hundred rituals in groups spanning sizes from small private circles to large festival work.


Nyt is very active in the pagan community.  She teaches extensively through out the community both publically and privately. 



Nyt has recently relocated to Danbury, Connecticut where  she is working on her first book. 

You can find out more about on her facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/OakBroomAndMeadowsweet


or via her newest blog :

Wild Blackthorn Witchcraft


Spirituality and Sorcery

A Witches journey through magick and mysticism!


Nyt is High Priestess of the Connecticut Coven/ Grove and Founder of the Tradition

(High Priestess & Priest of The Enduring Aspen; Orlando, FL)


High Priestess:  Volanndra


Raised Catholic, Volanndra is no stranger to spiritual evolution and ritual.  As a Catholic, she taught in the Youth Religion progam and participated in weekend intensive study programs.  She left the Catholic religion with the blessing and encouragement of her priest when she left for college, searching for a less patriarchal religion and a path that embraced Filipino folklore.  Volanndra continued her pursuit for spiritual knowledge and began her practice in Wicca and witchcraft.  She is degreed in British Traditional Witchcraft.  She has studied in the Alexandrian and Gardnerian traditions, Ceremonial Magick, Lukumi, Filipino folk magic, and many other paths.  She is currently raising two young male witches, evolving her personal practice as she teaches witchcraft to her sons.


Volanndra continues to seek spiritual evolution and knowledge with the Wild Blackthorn Coven and Grove.  She joined the group several years ago, after spending some years as a solitary and the priestess of her family tradition. She progressed through the Coven initiations and continues the tradition by bringing her love of ritual and alchemy to the group.


Volanndra is  the Orlando Coven and Grove High Priestess.  She brings with her more than twenty-five years of practice to the coven, always challenging and nurturing the members to develop a regular practice. She is dedicated to the evolution of each individual member's spiritual path and helping the Coven and Grove relate to the Divine with magical methods and assisted alchemy


High Priest:  Phoenixx


High Priest Phoenixx aka Reverend Dr. Phoenixx Seacrow has ridden the hedge between the worlds for most of his half century life. Learning from a very early age he was born to walk the mystic path less traveled, he discovered there is wisdom  with many different faces to be found from many different places and that it is impossible for any one religion  to place ownership limits on the Divine.

As a scholar, writer, and retired educator he has authored and co-authored numerous studies and articles in psychology, education and educational psychology. Earning a doctorate in theology and world religions he has studied numerous esoteric paths including native philosophy. The ATRs and Religious Science in its many facets.
However, He is an avid practitioner of Creole Voodoo with its synchronized Folk Catholicism Angelology and New Orleans Spiritualism

In addition to his his daily practice and walk of Wicca. He is a licensed and ordained Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Counselor as well as a very green witch who is closest to the Divine with his hands dirty from his magical gardening and rootwork. He is very involved in diversity and gender equality. And therefore you can download his latest interactive equality based book for pagan children entitled Why The Wolves Howl. On ITunes
For the small seed we sew today grows into the biggest tree of life for future generations.
You can also follow him on Circle of Salt Sanctuary on FB and at www.CircleofSaltSanctuary.org



(High Priestess of the Winding Willow, Digital Coven & Grove)

High Priestess:  Ivy


Ivy grew up in the midwest and was raised Methodist Christian. After moving around through the upper midwest states of Michigan, Indiana and Ohio, Ivy moved to Orlando with her parents, leaving her family’s religion and following her own path at age 17. She got a place of her own where she was able to practice her own religious leanings. She began her path in 2008 as an Eclectic Pagan under the tutelage of The Firefly House, a Wiccan church and clergy program based in Washington D.C which had online courses, and joined several public groups and Covens within the Orlando Pagan Community in the Winter of 2010. Since then, she has taught Wicca and Witchcraft online, at large festival gatherings across Florida, and in the Orlando area.


She holds degrees in Firefly Wicca, has studied Corellian and Gardnerian Traditions and has been with The Wild Blackthorn Orlando Coven since it’s formation in 2013. She also reads intuitive tarot, holds her level 2 Reiki Attunement, and is an Ordained Non-denominational Reverend. Since Mid 2017, Ivy has been focusing on her personal path which is Celtic focused with a sprinkling of Hellenic Paganism.


In addition to her Religious practice, Ivy is studying for her degree in Education from a local University and residing on the Eastern Coast of Florida with her non-pagan partner, her cat Nova and dog Cana.

Ivy  is currently forming our first "digital coven"  which will begin accepting students  the first quarter of this year.  She is passionate about creating strong foundations for students to flourish from and develop their own personal practices.


You can learn more about Ivy from her blog




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