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Magick Circles and Temples of Power


You have read about casting circles or perhaps have watched larger group rituals.  Actually focusing energy, creating circles of protection or building temples of power is a bit daunting.  What exactly is all of this anyway?


Join us as we delve together into these questions and learn what constitutes a Magick Circle.  We will create circles from casual solo work to more formal group work.  We will learn the steps to building circles as well as releasing them.


This is not a simple lecture class.  We will work on casting circles of different varieities, as well as learning some of the more subtle nuances to great ritual work!


Our class will finish up with developing personal Tempes of Power.  From selecting the rght site, warding, protecting to creating a magickal matrix,  you will be able to create your own personal Temple of Power where magick is afoot!




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