Fundamentals of Witchcraft II

13 week course


We are a study group based course of education, introspection, mediation and development of your magickal and psychic abilities.  Learn to feel and understand your own personal power.

The class is a continuation of the Fundamental's of Witchcraft Class.  Our focus will include;


  • Manifesting the sacred in the outerworld through ritual and spell work.

  • Honoring Divinity

  • Spellcraft

  • Creating Elemental Gateways

  • Casting Magick Circles

  • Finding and Empowering tools

  • Herb and Stonecraft

  • Magickal Correspondence

  • Divination

  • Lunar and Astrological Timing


The work done here, will help build a strong foundation of your own magickal temple.  This work is also equivalent to a second degree


The only requirement for this class is access to a copy of the textbook.  there will be an online discussion group available.  There is no charge for the class.  Homework will be assigned to promote your growth and knoweldge base.