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About Us

The Wild Blackthorn is an ever growing amalgam derived initially from the Jolean & Draconian Traditions. 

The Jolean Tradition was founded in Los Angles, CA in 1981, by Lady Teara Wolfrose. It was a culmination of her studies and teachings within several different traditions of Wiccan and Witchcraft.  The Jolean tradition was also been brought to Washington State, with  Coven and Grove founded, and to Orlando, Florida in 1995. The tradition itself as handed down by Lady Teara is an amalgam of the Welsh and Irish Celtic, Gardnerian with 1734 (Cochran Traditional Witchcraft) traditions .

The Draconian Tradition as introduced by Lord Ash is also an amalgam of Welsh Celtic, Alexandrian and Wysardan studies coming from the work of Lord Ash in the UK and here in the United States.  It was also introduced  in the early 1980's.  These teachings were handed down by Lady Lionrhod.


As with any tradition, growth of tradition is imperative, lest it stagnates. With the merging of the Jolian  & Draconian traditions as well Nyt's  own studies together with High Priest Lord Onyx  The Blackthorn Tradition was founded.  


The focus of the Blackthorn Tradition is on honoring and venerating the divine, seeking personal growth; mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and dynamically through our studies, and the expression of our work.  Our ritual and magickal work is expressed through both the systems of low and high magick.  Ceremonial Magick being taught later in Coven training.

In working for the community, The Wild Blackthorn has also been active in environmental issues, leaving the extent of the involvement up to the individual.  Men's and Women's Mystery groups, as well as All festivals of the Wheel of the Year, are open to the community at large and members are active in the construction and set up of ritual celebration.

High Priestess and Founder Nyt leads the Asheville, N.C.  branch of the Blackthorn Tradition as well as the online Academy with Lord Lughaith.  Lady Ivy and Lord Lughaith lead the Tampa, Florida  branch.  The Priestess as well as any other members of The Wild Blackthorn, are available to discuss any questions a person interested in the Grove, may have.

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