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Lady Nyt, Founder & Tradition High Priestess

Nyt is a practicing witch of more than twenty five  years.  Degreed in the Jolian Tradition (Celtic Eclectic/1734/ Gardnarian) and Draconian (Welsh Celtic/ Wysardan)  she  is the founder and High Priestess of The Wild Blackthorn.   Her  spiritual  studies include  Ceremonial Magick, Asatru,  Lukemi . She has in classical education studies of Humanities & Philosophy with a minor in Mythology, ever a student she  has returned to college once more pursing a degree in Historical Archeology with a minor in Medieval Studies.


Nyt is very passionate about the growth of  ones  own individual path and attuning with nature and the Divine through sacred ritual.   She is an accomplished ritualist writing, leading and participating in more than one hundred rituals in groups spanning sizes from small private circles to large festival work.

Nyt is very active in the pagan community.  She teaches extensively throughout the community both publicly and privately. 


She currently resides in Asheville, North Carolina.

Additional information can be found on her Facebook page:


or via her newest blog :

Wild Blackthorn Witchcraft


Spirituality and Sorcery

A Witches' journey through magick and mysticism!


Nyt is currently working with the  The Enchanted Hawthorn and Blackthorn Academy.

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