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Grove and Coven Classes

Grove Seekers Classes


The Seekers course of study is designed to give the student the foundation of the Blackthorn tradition, and to help them decide whether the Path is right for them.    The course of study is linear, and focuses on the principals of Wicca, the Wheel of the Year, power, the Goddess and God, the rituals of life, as well as Circle etiquette and the history of Wicca and Witchcraft.  These and others are covered in the Seeker's booklet, which is given to each person at the first class and becomes the property of the Seeker.


Each class consists of lecture, discussion, and Circle work.  The Circle work includes the Tree of Life meditation, quests to the elements, sensing and controlling personal and elemental energy, and the beginnings of the personal connection with the Goddess and God.  Homework is assigned weekly, and a reading list is provided.


The only commitment during the Seeker's class is to attend the classes and to let the teacher of the Circle know in advance, should the person decide to leave the class.  We feel that the weeks with the Seeker's class give the student time to decide if the Blackthorn Tradition is the path, they wish to follow without making a long-term commitment.  Seeker's class concludes with the only written test in the Blackthorn Tradition.  This allows the teacher to see where each students' strengths and weaknesses lie.   This test can be taken three times and failed twice.


Admittance to this class is by request and persistence (from you) and acceptance by "The Wild Blackthorn".  

We will be hosting a Wild Blackthorn Meet & Greet in Asheville on March 14th @ 7 pm and March 19th @ 3 pm for those interested in learning more about The Wild Blackthorn Tradition and our upcoming Seekers Classes.  Please message Nyt for more information. 

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