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Circle Etiquette

New to sacred circles and public ritual ?   Invited to your first private group circle?  Unsure of where to stand, how to move or what to do?

We will help you through the  basics of proper etiquette for sacred spaces.


We will discuss:

  • The Do's and Don'ts of a Sacred Circle

  • How to Move within the Circle

  • What is expected when you are asked, "How do you enter this sacred circle?"

  • Basic energy raising, and what do you mean I am supposed to hold this guys hand!

  • Differences between private & public circles

  • Don't touch that!    :)

  • We will also cover fire circle etiquette


This class is designed for those who are not familiar with pagan ritual work.  So you will get the most out of group ritual  and feel closer to the spirit, rather than worrying about the basics!!



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