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The Wild Blackthorn

-Tradition & Coven-


 The Wild Blackthorn is a  Witchcraft Tradition  established in  2013 with Groves and Covens in  Tampa, Florida and Asheville, North Carolina  as well as an online Academy.  We are amalgam of the blended traditions; Welsh & Irish Celtic, Gardnerian, Draconian, 1734 and Ceremonial Magick. 

We are Witches committed to alchemy of self,  development of divine/natural connections, evolvement of our magickal practices and the sharing of our knowledge and work with our spiritual communities.

We are both a Tradition of solitary and coven based teachings.

Our Tradition or Outer Court (Grove) is comprised of  Seekers through Dedicates . While the  Inner Court (Covens) encompasses Initiates and above

Our Practice Encompasses:

  • A commitment to alchemy of self (personal transformation)

  • Development of our personal connections with the Divine/ Nature.

  • Evolving our personal magickal gnosis and praxis.

  • Honoring our Holy Sabbats, engaging with our Lunar Tides.

  • Co-creating strong spiritual communities, through shared knowledge and support.

  • Stewardship of our Earth

The development of our solitary path has evolved from the commitment to bring advanced practices based upon coven teachings  that would have formerly been unavailable  to the un-initiated.





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