Lord Phoenixx,

High Priest Enduring Aspen, 

Orlando, Florida


High Priest Phoenixx aka Reverend Dr. Phoenixx Seacrow has ridden the hedge between the worlds for most of his half century life. Learning from a very early age he was born to walk the mystic path less traveled, he discovered there is wisdom  with many different faces to be found from many different places and that it is impossible for any one religion  to place ownership limits on the Divine.

As a scholar, writer, and retired educator he has authored and co-authored numerous studies and articles in psychology, education and educational psychology. Earning a doctorate in theology and world religions he has studied numerous esoteric paths including native philosophy. The ATRs and Religious Science in its many facets.
However, He is an avid practitioner of Creole Voodoo with its synchronized Folk Catholicism Angelology and New Orleans Spiritualism

In addition to his daily practice and walk of Wicca. He is a licensed and ordained Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Counselor as well as a very green witch who is closest to the Divine with his hands dirty from his magical gardening and rootwork. He is very involved in diversity and gender equality. And therefore you can download his latest interactive equality based book for pagan children entitled Why The Wolves Howl. On iTunes
For the small seed we sew today grows into the biggest tree of life for future generations.
You can also follow him on Circle of Salt Sanctuary on FB and at www.CircleofSaltSanctuary.org