Lady Volanndra, 

High Priestess Enduring Aspen,

Orlando, Florida

Raised Catholic, Volanndra is no stranger to spiritual evolution and ritual.  As a Catholic, she taught in the Youth Religion program and participated in weekend intensive study programs.  She left the Catholic religion with the blessing and encouragement of her priest when she left for college, searching for a less patriarchal religion and a path that embraced Filipino folklore.  Volanndra continued her pursuit for spiritual knowledge and began her practice in Wicca and witchcraft.  She is degreed in British Traditional Witchcraft.  She has studied in the Alexandrian and Gardnerian traditions, Ceremonial Magick, Lukumi, Filipino folk magic, and many other paths.  She is currently raising two young male witches, evolving her personal practice as she teaches witchcraft to her sons.


Volanndra continues to seek spiritual evolution and knowledge with the Wild Blackthorn Coven and Grove.  She joined the group several years ago, after spending some years as a solitary and the priestess of her family tradition. She progressed through the Coven initiations and continues the tradition by bringing her love of ritual and alchemy to the group.


Volanndra is  the Orlando Coven and Grove High Priestess.  She brings with her more than twenty-five years of practice to the coven, always challenging and nurturing the members to develop a regular practice. She is dedicated to the evolution of each individual member's spiritual path and helping the Coven and Grove relate to the Divine with magical methods and assisted alchemy