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Lady Esme,

High Priestess Spiral Ash, 

Bethel, Connecticut

Eseme was born and raised in New Jersey. She became aware of her spiritual path at a very young age. She was very intuitive and clairvoyant as a young child. She sought her religious beliefs in eastern philosophy, Buddhism, transcendental meditation, and Krishna. She practiced spiritual enlightenment for many years.


It wasn’t until 2010, did she pursue the course study of Wicca. Studying and reading anything and everything on various traditions. Upon relocating to Connecticut, she became a participant in the Pagan Community and was a solitary witch for many years. She joined The Wild Blackthorn Grove, Spiral Ash, and is now a High Priestess.


Eseme resides with her wife, Tempest and her familiar cat, Loki. 

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