The Enduring Aspen, Grove & Coven

The First Coven & Grove,  Aspen was  established in 2013, by Wild Blackthorn Founders and High Priest & Priestess, Lord Onyx & Lady Nyt .    Lady Volanndra is the current High Priestess with her ascension in 2017.  Since it's birth Aspen ( the Original Wild Blackthorn Coven & Grove)  has become a pillar in the Central Florida Pagan Community.  Blackthorn lovingly supports  our community through periodic open classes,  hosting public ritual through the larger umbrella organizations, open pagan discussion nights, and fueling the community through engagement and leadership.

Aspen is currently open to seekers for the first time in a number of years. 

Classes are on a weekly basis,  with Sabbats open to the Grove,  friends and families.  Lunar observances are open only to Seekers and above at this time.  If you are interested in learning more, attending a Q& A or Sabbat, please contact Lady Volanndra & Lord Phoenixx

The Aspen which is a Poplar Tree is one of the 21 sacred trees of the Ogham , Eadha.   The Aspen was utilized for  endurance in hardship, shielding from fears,  wealth, prosperity, healing and communication with deities.  An old tree of wisdom and magick! 


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